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Cost-effective alternatives that use the energy we currently produce more efficiently save money and resources without sacrificing style or function.

Sensible and sensitive decisions safeguard the future of the natural environment and human development.

The Renewable Corporation

Our Mission: to offer the highest quality of products and services in our industry while maintaining profitability and customer retention levels of 90% or more.

The Renewable Corporation (TRC, trading symbol RNWB) was established in 2004, adopted its present name in 2008, and is based in Lake Park, Florida.   The company develops and supplies products, services, and technologies that use efficient, renewable resources.  TRC management knows there is significant interest in clean, green, and lean methods that offer superlative quality at a cost that is a reasonable alternative to traditional choices, and will have a less hazardous impact on the environment and human health. 

The Renewable Corporation family of companies integrates sustainable manufacturing and distribution with cutting edge research and proprietary technology to provide the most advanced line of products and services available. 

TRC management actively seeks out partner companies and individuals that are engaged in similar, forward leaning efforts.  The company encourages creative synthesis and the inspired application of ideas in unexpected places.  Discovering new solutions to existing and anticipated problems is the corporation’s primary goal.  The Renewable Corporation portfolio already contains multiple patents and patented products.  One of which is a coating system through provided Ecosmart Surfaces & Coating Technologies that completely seals in asbestos surfaces - encapsulating all hazardous materials in the process.

Continued support for national manufacturing and small business is also at the heart of The Renewable Corporation charter.  TRC management believes that innovative individuals and businesses will invigorate our economy and drive sustained growth into the future as the knowledge continues to evolve. TRC management believes that our products, processes, and services will create many jobs, both at the individual and corporate level.

The Renewable Corporation management has assembled an exceptional leadership team to establish the company’s position at the forefront of environmentally friendly business, and to guide its efforts.  Their expertise includes new business development and financing, international sales and marketing, industrial renovation, molecular biochemistry, and biotechnology. 

Clean, secure, unlimited sources of energy are revolutionary investments in reliable means of meeting our energy needs now and in the future.

Better building design that integrates comfort and optimum performance

New manufacturing technologies and processes

Consumer products, such as Energy Star appliances

Improved public services, such as water systems and streetlights

From gasoline to those gadgets that we can’t live without, we use a lot of energy.  Worldwide demand is increasing, and so are the uncertainties and risks associated with traditional sources of energy.  While there is no single, simple solution to this complex challenge, there are answers available that will stimulate and support the vitality of the economy and the Earth that we all rely upon.

> Prevent pollution and contamination

> Reduce waste and encourage recycling

> Implement low impact methods and systems

> Promote cooperative community relationships 

> Solar, Wind, and Hydro power

> Biomass organic waste material

> Geothermal power generated by the Earth

> Hydrogen as an energy carrier







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Trading Symbol: RNWB

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